As a part of my business degree I have been required to create and utilize a blog, this is the result of that requirement.  Over the coming weeks I will also be posed some questions which I will be expected to answer by making use of my blog.  

At first my reaction was ‘this should be fun’. Because at this point, while I thought I knew what a blog was, it was a very limited understanding.  Initially I saw the blog as a platform for individuals to publicly voice opinions, or relate stories about special interests, such as mothers coping with the daily crazy that their children bring.I recognized the blog as a new news medium, a platform for the would be journalist to break stories or publish stories the main stream news would or could not due to legal or ethical issues such as naming criminals granted name suppression in the courts.

However, after just two weeks I have come to learn that the blog is so much more than this.  As with all other Social Media it has the capacity to be whatever the user chooses it to be. Although the blog has the potential to be a very powerful business tool, as it allows the user to control what is seen on their blog. The informal nature of blogs allow a business (or political organisation) to disseminate information in an audience specific style. The blog allows the blogger to pass on the desired information in a tone which connects with the audience, much like members in a circle of friends connect.  The blog can adopt or create a culture which establishes a set of rules for connecting and communicating with its target audience.

By communicating to followers with a tone of ‘friend’ a business blog makes use of a powerful marketing voice, ‘word of mouth’.  Utilizing the tools available for designing blogs a business can controls who participates, views, and comments on the blog preserving the bloggers bias.  In addition, the blog does not have to be open to the general public, as a social network tool for internal members of an organisation, the blog can make use of the knowledge base of all blog participants, and transcend business departments for business activities such as looking for solutions for various problems a company may face while performing its daily activities, or perhaps while pursuing special projects.  Such a use gives business access to knowledge and skills it may not have realized it had within its ranks.

With this new found understanding and appreciation of the various uses for the blog (including others not included, either due to ignorance, or a lack of relevance at this point), over the next few weeks I hope that in addition to using this blog for relaying answers to questions, my blogging experience will allow me to become more skilled at determining which tools are the best for blog posts or overall purpose, and discover some of the less well known tools and strategies for successful blogging. Hopefully over these weeks I will also be able to look back and see some personal growth into my knowledge of social media for business, becoming a discerning social media consumer. So to my followers, over the coming weeks you can share my trials and tribulations, successes and failures, bewilderment and hopefully epiphanies. Perhaps this will help along your path, and provide you a different perspective. I hope you enjoy the journey.


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