Assignment Disasters

What I have come to learn while studying business is that the due dates of assignments in some papers are not confirmed at the start of semester. What this means is that you can be under the misguided belief that you have more time to complete work than you actually do. Continue reading


If you’re not one of the scholars

One of the difficult things about getting some great grades is the inevitable disappointment when you come back to reality and realize that you still have to deal with getting those average grades. By many students standards getting a ‘B-‘ is a fantastic achievement because there are those that really do believe the old adage that “C’s get degrees”, Continue reading

Grades are in

Well it has been a long wait but I was more than pleased to see that I had managed to achieve an ‘A’ grade. Pretty good going I thought considering that I had to pump out six weeks of work in three or four days. The effort did cause a bit of stress at home as I spent days doing nothing, but, sitting and sleeping to get the job out. Continue reading

Some Last Minute Thoughts

When I first saw that the first assignment for my social media paper was going to be setting up and making regular posts to a blog I thought sweet. It sounded nice and easy. Well I think I was very naive, perhaps if I was only doing one or two papers, but not when you are trying to manage providing day care for your young grandsons and four papers. Continue reading