Climate Change Science Should Matter to YOU!

Right so unless you are from mars you have probably heard about climate change. And as the argument currently stands you either agree with it or deny it. 

(Well actually pretty much everyone believes that the climate changes, what they disagree on is has human activity exacerbated it?)

Well the fact is it really doesn’t matter whether or not we have brought about this climate change it is happening and if it continues to follow the current path the worlds climate will not be conducive to human life.

That being said, given the lives of our grandchildren, perhaps even our children, will depend upon how this plays out we should make every attempt possible to keep this planet habitable.

But, it goes so far beyond climate change. The plastics in the ocean, the oils spills, chemical spills, deforestation, and a while plethora of other environmental problems is evidence that we can, will, and have impacted the earths environment in a very negative manner that all have serious implications to the long term quality of our lives. We have been seriously irresponsible with our planet and it needs to change.

The vast majority of us are not politicians, or CEO’s with the power to simply order the changes necessary. But, that does not make us powerless. With some personal commitment we can make change happen through our actions, what and where we shop, and who we vote for. It’s time to walk the walk and there are some serious benefits to doing this.

Research has shown that public transport users tend to be healthier than those that drive their car, not to mention have more money. Ditching the car can save you thousands every year in petrol, maintenance, and parking costs alone. Next time you complain you need a pay rise just remember you effectively have one sitting in your drive way.

We can make a difference to our own lives, our family’s lives and our planet, if we just stop and think a bit about how we are living, and how much more we can get out of our lives if we think more, and be a bit wiser about how we go about our lives.


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