Exciting times

Time for a bit of self indulgence to take the time to congratulate myself on finishing my business degree YAY!! This is actually my second degree, but, my first degree was pure self indulgence, it was a BA and I just studied whatever interested me. The business degree was hard work, it was dry an dull and required more commitment than I realised I had. So I consider my completing this as one of those moments that push a person beyond their own notions of ones capabilities.

So what now, I still don’t have a job. It’s the downside of my decision to simply spend some time being a full time student again, and studying extramurally, I have not current work references which present a new type of challenge. Particularly as the jobs I am now interested in pursuing have no relevance to what I was doing before.

With this in mind I have a plan. I have signed up to do a computing course to update these skills and will use the tutors for references in job applications. The course is for a year, but, I will start applying for jobs immediately. One of the benefits of this particular provider is if I find a job I can continue on and compete the course in the evenings and weekends.

I start at the end of the month, and in the meantime I am doing some child care over the school holidays, and spending some time indulging some hobbies, watching a few TV shows, and generally being a sloth.

And in other exciting news the countdown to our winter is on Just five more weeks until we fly to the cold coast for 8 days of warm sunshine and good fun YAY!!


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