Facebook; to delete or not?

Well with just ten days until I start my new course, I find myself obsessing over whether or not I should delete my facebook page?

There are actually a lot of reasons to get rid of it, the advertisements, the trolls, the time wasted. Pretty much the same reasons pretty much everyone has asked themselves this question from time to time.

The reasons for keeping it are fewer, but, far more compelling. In this the age of social media it is how we keep in touch with friends and family. However, even this reason for keeping it is pretty thin. Lets face it our contacts on social media tend to be pretty superficial. Anything deeper than a photo of the latest vacation spot, or pics of your food and cocktails from some trendy cafe or restaurant are pretty rare.

I do follow a couple of facebook groups though, things that I personally find interesting, and I do enjoy these. Unfortunately this is one of the main reasons for my time wasting on facebook. I live on the other side of the world so all the activity on these pages takes place while i’m sleeping, that means to follow whats been happening I have to scroll back, and scroll, and scroll…

Ads! Yes scrolling back inevitably implies wading your way through countless ads. Then there are the funny meme’s and hey who doesn’t love a funny meme or two. The problem is by the time you’ve finished the morning is gone, and all you have achieved is a few likes or shares of articles to save them to your own page in the overly optimistic hope that one day you will have time to read them. The lesson here is if you don’t have time now, you probably never will. Everyday more of this stuff keeps filling up your feed and the only way to stop it is to delete.

So, with this in mind I had set myself a few facebook rules.

1/ Do not save articles, you will never read them anyway.

2/ Do not share my opinion, you will only get harassed by trolls that either have nothing better to do, or have a different opinion.

3/ Most importantly scrolling back through my feed should not last longer than my morning coffee, and only happen once in the morning and in the evening if I have nothing better to do.

4/ Try and find something better to do.

In recent times these rules have been working out sorta okay. But, facebook is about the only way I catch up with my son, so as much as i’m tempted to delete my page I won’t for this one reason alone. I just really need to work a bit harder on rule number 2.

Rule number 2 is the really hard one to keep, and it is the not keeping it that is the real reason why I keep thinking i gotta delete facebook. There is always the inevitable post where the confident idiots come out and start spreading misinformation which is actually harmful to the gullible, those that are at risk of being sucked in by their false claims peddled by fear, and then it gets really hard to just scroll on by.

I just do not understand why so many people find it so hard to understand the conflict and hypocrisy that exists among those that are campaigning against say a pharmaceutical company, claiming they are endangering your health for profits, and then goes on say that by buying their product, or a product that they are distributing, you can avoid the dangers of big pharma? These people are so much worse, they are selling products which usually have not been tested, and are not even able to meet the stringent requirements that it takes to have a drug passed that allows it to be legally marketed as a medicine. So they sell this shit as dietary supplements, which also happen to cure and/or protect against disease.

It’s like, Hello, they are not trying to offer you good advice they are trying to sell you a product that is at best of no use to you at all and at worst outright dangerous to your health. These people are dangerous, and their believers, those that have been sucked in are equally as dangerous. But, when you try to discuss issues on facebook, these people become like rabid animals and rather than discuss they become abusive.

Its simply not possible to have a rational debate with these people, and it is they that make facebook so unsociable and unpleasant. I just have to up my game and work harder at ignoring these types of posts, after all I have nothing to gain or lose if people decide they are going to eat organic vegetables and wear garlic necklaces to protect themselves and their family members from cancer, polio, and leprosy. If these people decide that making their kids drink glasses of expensive bleach everyday to prevent illness, then I guess if nothing else we can stop worrying about the human population exceeding the earth’s carrying capacity. And I guess when my grandkids grow up and go out on their own jobs and housing will be plentiful, once the confident idiots have culled themselves and their own children from the population.


3 thoughts on “Facebook; to delete or not?

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