What’s up with Social Democracy?

America is abuzz with the lead up to their November election, and the race has become quite the circus. On one side there is #MAGA fired up with a willingness to do… I don’t even want to contemplate
what this is. Just looking at the media images of their mass rage rallies. The sensible side of me knows that most of these people in their real lives, are not the people we are seeing on our screens, and they will be horrified by their behavior later on when that euphoria, the excitement and the hysteria that Trumps rallies are designed to generate, wears off. Possibly even more so when they begin to absorb the reality that people throughout the world have seen the images of them behaving like Hitler’s Nazis followers did in the lead up to his final solution.

Right from the very beginning of his reign I could see the evil that was brewing within that mans sole. I was told I was pathetic when I said history would remember Trump as the worlds most evil leaders ever. I didn’t say this because I was unaware of the various genocides that have taken place around the world. The measure of evil has tended to lean toward calculating the depth of evil based on the total number of lives a state exterminated on the path to, and maintenance of tyranny, and there have been horrific numbers of innocent lives lost to the maleficence of popular leaders. However, the reason I thought that Trump would be seen as worse than these butchers is not because I ever thought he would commit the mass genocides of previous tyrants, but, because his blatant disregard for everybody other than himself and his immediate family is worn openly on his sleeve. He does not even seem to understand the need to I protect the future for his own grandchildren. This is a man that has his finger on the button, and has shown every willingness to use this, if he doesn’t get his way.

This is a man that is as immature as any adult can possibly be, he is happy for the entire world to watch him have a tantrum, and see’s bullying as a legitimate way of getting what he wants irrespective of whether it is sensible or not. Remember he isn’t throwing a wobbly cause he wants the latest cellphone, he is throwing tantrums because he doesn’t get things that would actually do harm. Although to be fair, when he realizes that what he got was not what he wanted after all, he is happy to back track for himself. However, the farmers that need migrant workers to pick the food the American people eat – well those people can go fish.

If there has ever been a clear cut result in an election it ought to be this one. I don’t think there has ever been soo much evidence for such incredible levels of incompetence ever, anywhere. Yet, I can’t believe that I am watching and I am not really sure that the Republicans will lose control over the Senate, or Congress. Not because Republicans will have majorities on the night, but, rather because there seems to be a willingness emerging among democrats to lose a seat to the republicans by splitting the democratic vote, than upset their wealthy corporate donors. And why is this? Because of Social Democrats and Venezuela – Really?

Now I am not sure what Venezuela has to do with Social Democracy, because I live in a country that can be considered a Social Democracy. There is no Tyrant running the country, the people are not starving in the streets. The state has not taken over private business. Nor has business packed up and fled off shore to other countries in fear. So what is Social Democracy? Put simply, It is democracy that works for all the people. It does not nationalize private industry or wealth. It just takes steps to limit the amount of playing the system extremely wealthy people can get away with to prevent them from paying a fair share. Under a Social Democracy taxes are not a punishment for the people, a fine for being poor that for some reason wealthy people are exempt from.

Now there are some business people that do not like Social Democracy in this country. However, it should be noted that most objectors are not well schooled in business. The people here that have problems with Social Democracy are those that, like the US have no idea about the simple things that business is meant to perform, all those pesky little details such as increasing productivity. Like the states, the business leaders that claim social democracy is undermining the wealth of the country are the financiers. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that there isn’t a price to be paid for this behavior, of course their is. Financiers are in a very good position to create jitters in the marketplace, and those jitters will be felt by business. But, it is not Social Democracy that is destabilizing the economy, it is the self-fulfilling prophesy that they choose to execute, in the full understanding of what the game they are playing is. They just hope that the average guy, the voter doesn’t understand this.

For the most part, I don’t think the average voter does understand this. It’s a cycle, Neo-liberal economics drives the middle-class and poor down so low that initially they stop voting, and then eventually someone gets angry and rallies these people into a movement which pushes back against the neo-liberal capitalists. The first reaction of financiers is to play the economic stability and business confidence card, but, at this stage the people are to screwed over to care. So you get two maybe three election cycles under Social Democracy when the wealth of individuals is gradually restored. Over that time a bunch of new voters enter into the fray that don’t really understand or remember how you ended up with a social democracy in the first place. These new voters get seduced by the promises of corporate money enabling them to achieve awesome wealth, they don’t know the price that is paid by society for that wealth, they either didn’t see it, or have forgotten. They see the world around them and everyone seems to be doing okay, so what could it hurt if they push the system further toward a corporate bias in decision making?

Social Democracy is not a tyrannical regime that once you have it you can never be rid of it. It is a system that is a hard fight to get, and once you achieve it, you have to fight everyday to keep it. Between now, and the time that the Neo-liberal capitalists make their way back into government they will seek to undermine the process to reshuffle the deck to create a fairer merit based game in preference to the crony system of the neo-liberals. Under Neo-liberalism you don’t earn your way to the top by hard work, you are born there, or you meet someone that decides to let you in.

There is absolutely no evidence that being intelligent under neo-liberalism will make you rich. If you look at the world around you where do you find the truly intelligent people? I will tell you where you wont find them – boardrooms or C Suites. If you really examine the worlds wealthy elite, the number of those that got there as a result of their own hard work, and intellect are very few. However  willingness to participate in extreme exhibitionism is very financially lucrative. Planting your enhanced glutinous maximus across as many media mediums as will have you, can be very financially lucrative.

I do wish people would stop confusing famous mediocrity with IQ. these are not the same thing. In fact, if you have to get bum implants and plaster your arse on every social media platform going to survive one could probably make a very strong case to argue that these individuals probably few assets located within the cranium for that individual to take advantage of. Under Neo-liberalism wealth, ability, and intelligence are not related. Neo-liberal capitalism shuts the gate on merit unless you have the good fortune to attract the attention of a wealthy sponsor to get you in the club.

Social Democracy does not deliver an absolute meritocracy, it simply goes some way to mitigate the disproportionate disadvantage those at the bottom face when trying to make something of their lives. It  doesn’t totally unstack the deck against the wealthy, it simply states that they have to return the five aces they are hiding up their sleeves back to the deck. In other words, they no longer get to dodge taxes completely. However, the depths to which the wealthy will go to avoid paying taxes fairly is very deep indeed, so all that is ever achieved is a few holes get plugged up for a while. The bungs are pulled out immediately at the first opportunity they get.

On a final note though, what is with calling neo-liberals conservatives? There is nothing conservative about neo-liberalists. This is charlatan economics which exists for the sole purpose of taking from the poor to give to the wealthy, that is not conservative that is theft, fraud, embezzlement… call it what you want, but if to be conservative is to be a follower of Christian principles, then you cannot call anyone that advocates for an economic system which blatantly steals the food from the mouths of children conservative. Nor can you argue pro-life as a reason to claim conservatism as your ideology, not while you are happy to arrest children, remove them from their parents, and basically scar them for their lifetimes can you claim to be pro-life because such acts destroy lives from the inside out, that is not pro-life, that is taking pleasure in the act of torturing children. Please do not say its to stop sex traffickers, we all know that isn’t true. You do not punish hundreds of innocent children and torture them to the extent that they would be better off in the hands of a sex trafficker, to stop one, that is just a pathetic and bazaar statement.

If you think that is true, then ask for the evidence. Ask your government to produce the sex trafficker that has been caught as a result of this inhumane policy. Has there been even one indictment of child sex trafficking in this entire time? You have asked the Mueller investigation to be called off despite the numerous crimes he has uncovered, if you can demand an end to an investigation that has uncovered a multitude of crimes, you cannot justify your support a government action which has failed to produce a single child sex trafficker on the basis of conservative values and morals. It hasn’t produced one because it was never the reason behind it, if you support this you are not Christians and so you are not conservative, you are simply relishing in inflicting as much hurt as you can on the most powerless individuals you can and you do not care that it is children that you are hurting. There is nothing Christian in such cowardist behavior. What it is, is sadism.


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