Facebook; to delete or not?

Well with just ten days until I start my new course, I find myself obsessing over whether or not I should delete my facebook page?

There are actually a lot of reasons to get rid of it, the advertisements, the trolls, the time Continue reading


The Bitter Taste of Censorship

It has been a while since my last blog, cause I’ve been pretty busy procrastinating as I decided that I would prepare ahead of time for my final two papers. So during this break I have sat back and watched the craziness in the world unfold. And I gotta say I honestly don’t think anyone in the world contemplated how crazy it was going to get, but, it’s not even one week of Trump and WTF!!! is probably on most people’s lips. Continue reading

Women, the Selfie, & Social Media

I remember back to my teenage years, and the trend was to try and achieve a curve free body shape, including a perfectly flat stomach. I, like most women of this time punished myself daily in the pursuit of this goal. The fact that women’s bodies were built in ways that made this ideal physically impossible was not the problem. The problem was a lack of discipline, a lack of exercise, over eating or eating the wrong stuff. It really didn’t matter that you limited yourself to eating a piece of fruit once a day and exercised for 6 hours a day, the blame rested upon thyself for failure to reach this unattainable ideal.  Continue reading

Crowdsourcing; the pros and cons

The concept of crowdsourcing is something of a double edge sword. On the one hand it allows anyone to make a contribution to a particular project, or problem, whether as a hobbyist or in a professional capacity. It can allow for the discovery of new knowledge, even including medicines, new techniques, new discoveries etcetera etcetera. Continue reading