The Bitter Taste of Censorship

It has been a while since my last blog, cause I’ve been pretty busy procrastinating as I decided that I would prepare ahead of time for my final two papers.┬áSo during this break I have sat back and watched the craziness in the world unfold. And I gotta say I honestly don’t think anyone in the world contemplated how crazy it was going to get, but, it’s not even one week of Trump and WTF!!! is probably on most people’s lips. Continue reading


Social Media for Non-Profits, SMB’s, & Large Business

When considering the differences that occur between the ways the three business types use social media I need to point out that the research that has been done has shown that there is not an international standard. Continue reading

Social Media in Business

Keeping a blog post about the uses of social media in business to 500 words is no easy task, as there are just so many social media forums that could be included into the discussion, Continue reading